From Employee to Patient: Xavier’s Cardiac Story

Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States experiences a heart attack. Francisco "Xavier" Aguilera, a valued member of Sierra View Medical Center's Facility Project Team, recently found himself unexpectedly facing this statistic. Xavier's story serves as a reminder of the importance of accessible cardiac care, especially during Heart Month.

Xavier, a carpenter apprentice with Sierra View Medical Center, never anticipated becoming a patient within the walls of a facility where he works. However, when he started experiencing chest pain and heartburn while at work, he knew he needed immediate medical attention. With swift action, he was taken to the emergency room, where he was evaluated by our Emergency Department.

Despite normal electrocardiogram (EKG) results, further examination revealed an elevated troponin level, indicating a potential cardiac issue. Dr. Thayapran, the cardiologist on call, discussed the situation with Xavier and recommended a procedure to address the blockages in his arteries. The following day, Xavier underwent a successful cardiac procedure performed by the SVMC Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, led by Dr. Thayapran.

Following his procedure, Xavier experienced a smooth recovery with no complications. Dr. Thayapran's expertise and guidance ensured Xavier received optimal care, resulting in the placement of three stents to address the blockages in his arteries. Xavier's subsequent follow-up appointment confirmed his positive progress, allowing him to return to work after a week of rest.

Xavier recalls his experience with gratitude, particularly highlighting the compassionate care provided by the Cardiac Cath Lab nurses, including Rosie, Cynthia S, and Cynthia U. “When I came back to work and I would bump into the Cath Lab nurses, they would always ask me how I was doing and make sure I was taking my medication,” shared Xavier. “My overall experience was very good from the ER to the hospital admission but especially the Cath Lab.”

Xavier's journey exemplifies Sierra View Medical Center's unwavering commitment to providing exceptional cardiac care, from the initial emergency intervention to ongoing support and follow-up. For more information about Sierra View Medical Center's Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, please click here.