Community Advisory Committee

To enhance patient experience and overall community wellness, the Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC) was established with a focus in healthcare through a collaboration of local business partners, family members and the healthcare team. Together, the committee goal is to develop truly responsive services, which will impact the overall care of Sierra View Medical Center patients.

The areas that the committee focus on is patient and family satisfaction, patient and staff education, inpatient care experience, patient safety and prevention of medical errors, facility design planning, coordination of care and transition to home community care. Our local community member’s perspectives and experiences will help ensure that patient care continues to be safe, of high quality, and patient centered.

Are you interested in becoming a PFAC member or know someone who may be a good fit? The ideal applicants are those who:

  • Are interested in partnering with Sierra View so we can better serve our community
  • Are positive, collaborative, and solution-focused
  • Have had an experience with Sierra View Medical Center

CLICK HERE to fill out a PFAC Application today!