Pet Partner Requirements

  • Currently, animals approved to be in the program are limited to dogs, birds, guinea pigs, cats and hamsters. The hospital's Infection Control Committee must approve other animals.
  • All animals must pass health, skills, and aptitude screenings as set forth by Paws 4 Healing/Pet Partners®. Handlers must complete and pass an online or in-person Paws 4 Healing/Pet Partners® Therapy Animal Handler course. Handler/ animal must pass evaluation by a Paws 4 Healing/Pet Partners® licensed Team Evaluator.
  • New Paws 4 Healing/Pet Partners® must attend volunteer hospital orientations without their animal. New Paws 4 Healing/Pet Partners® will also be assigned to work with an experienced Paws 4 Healing/Pet Partner®.
  • A veterinarian must certify yearly that the animal is healthy, free of infection, contagious disease, or dermatological problems, and immunizations as recommended by Paws 4 Healing/Pet Partners®.
  • Sierra View Medical Center will not assume any liability or responsibility for the safety, health, or security of therapy animals.