Volunteer FAQ's

Where can I volunteer?

Volunteers are placed in a variety of departments throughout our hospitals based upon the facility needs.

  • We have a Transporter role that does a variety of tasks throughout the facility
  • We have a Clinical Unit Support role that supports clinical departments specifically
  • We have a Clerical Support role that supports non-clinical departments needing assistance on a regular basis, or as needed for special projects/events

We do our best to place volunteers in areas of their interest if possible. However, placements are not guaranteed in specific departments and may change if deemed appropriate.

What are the times of most shifts?

Shift times are scheduled in four-hour increments that are available seven days a week depending on the needs of each department.

Can I choose the area or department to volunteer in?

Our goal is to provide assistance where it’s needed most. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee specific departments, but we'll do our best to accommodate your main interests.

Can I receive a letter of confirmation for my volunteer hours to use for school applications or employment opportunities?

Absolutely. After you have completed the minimum commitment, we'll provide you a copy of your time and attendance.

Can I get externship or internship opportunities through the volunteer program?

We're unable to provide externship or internship opportunities within the volunteer program. We also can't sign any type of contract or verification regarding hours for those types of educational programs. However, those requests may be handled through your college program coordinator and Sierra View Medical Center’s Education Department.

If I have a medical license can I volunteer in more specific roles related to my field?

You can't use your medical licenses or medical skills while volunteering. Licenses are not used to determine where you can volunteer.

Can I take a leave of absence from volunteering?

All leaves of absence of two weeks or more must be arranged through the volunteer office. Your same schedule and placement can't be guaranteed if you’re reinstated into the program.

Questions? Please contact SVMC Human Resources at (559)788-6075