Local Medical Leader Coming to Sierra View Wound Healing

Wound Healing is considered a specialty practice in the medical community, but it is no different than other medical fields when the focus is always patient-centered care. To provide thorough and effective wound care management, specialists must have an extensive knowledge in a variety of care fields—from general surgery to healing processes.

This combined knowledge, background and history in the local medical community makes the addition of Dr. Russell Dounies to the Sierra View Medical Center Wound Healing Department a benefit for those in need of chronic wound care treatment in the San Joaquin Valley.

“We are very excited to welcome Dr. Dounies to his new role of Medical Director for the Wound Healing Department at Sierra View Medical Center. He will play a crucial role not only in providing care, but supporting primary and specialty physicians in managing their patients with wound management and healing,” said Vice President for Patient Care Services and Chief Nurse Executive at SVMC, Dr. Jeffery Hudson.

Dr. Dounies began his role as Medical Director with the nationally awarded SVMC Wound Healing Department on May 1, 2017. He will directly impact patient care and oversee wound management by making clinical decisions to determine the best care options.

After receiving his medical degree in 1984 from Loma Linda University, Dr. Dounies completed his medical training at Kern Medical Center. He also had the opportunity to train at University of California, San Diego’s burn unit where he first gained experience in wound care through the treatment of burn injuries.

“Wound healing is really no different than any other aspect of patient care. It requires a commitment to the patients. To do all for them that is likely to be of benefit and not do things that are not likely to be of benefit,” said Dr. Dounies.

For 14 years, Dr. Dounies practiced as a general surgeon in Visalia where he began to specialize in breast cancer and melanoma treatment as well as Oncoplastic surgery—an evolving practice that combines Oncology with Plastic Surgery methods to ensure the best medical outcome as well as functional and cosmetic care for patients.

“Dr. Dounies has a longstanding relationship as a leader within the local healthcare community and is a trusted physician by many that would regard him as an exceptional provider,” said SVMC Wound Healing Department Program Director, Geoffrey Empey. “He has a desire to promote wound healing and inform the medical community as well as citizens at risk for different diseases associated with chronic wounds, and will use his longstanding relationships to create a multifaceted approach to healthcare within the community. “

The Wound Healing Department at SVMC has recently expanded its services through partnership with the number one medical provider in the nation for wound healing, Healogics, their implementation of cutting-edge technology and their collaboration with expert caregivers such as Dr. Dounies.

“As a physician, the most important duty that I have is to provide patients with compassionate, considerate, sophisticated and modern care. As medical care becomes ever more complex and sophisticated, this increasingly requires a coordinated team,” added Dr. Dounies. “In the team at the Sierra View Wound Care Center, SVMC and Healogics, I have found a team that shares those values and I look forward to working with them to serve the medical community and their patients.”