Record Breaking Gala for Sierra View Foundation

11th Annual Sierra View Foundation Gala’s Dancing Stars Raised Over $50,000 for Infant Security

Each year the Sierra View Foundation hosts its largest fundraising event, the Annual Gala, to raise awareness and improve technology available at Sierra View Medical Center. On Saturday, September 16, the 11th Annual Sierra View Foundation Gala was the largest yet with nearly 500 in attendance to raise money for the local hospital.

After a unanimous decision by the Sierra View Foundation, all of the proceeds from the event have been donated to aid SVMC in the purchasing of the HUGS Infant Security system. To improve security for their smallest patients, Sierra View plans to implement the computerized HUGS system which allows for each newborn to receive an ankle monitor that alerts staff to their location if they are moved from the Family Birthing Center and tracks health factors immediately after birth.

“This year’s Gala was historic in proportions and it was a great time,” said SV Foundation Chairman, Dennis Townsend. “We’re looking forward to turning in all of the money that was raised tonight to Sierra View Medical Center and seeing the HUGS system come to Porterville. We’re also extremely grateful for all of our dancers and everyone who supported our event by coming tonight or donating from home.”

The Dancing with the Sierra View Stars competition showcased five local couples who spent months rehearsing and raising more than $50,000 in funds for the Gala’s main cause by inspiring dance votes. Dave Kinsel and Tara Everett, Miguel Leyva and Quinn Atherton, Jorge and Kim Ramirez, Jared and Lexy Harness, and Dustin and Tracy Della showed their best moves on Saturday for the Sierra View judges.

Porterville City Manager John Lollis, Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux and SVMC President/CEO Donna Hefner all sat on the Dancing with the Sierra View Stars panel to score the couples on their performances and crown the 2017 victors, Dustin and Tracy Della.

“It’s such a great feeling to win a competition that’s bigger than yourself,” added Dustin Della. “It’s amazing that the whole group raised so much money together and hopefully those funds get the hospital that much closer to receiving the HUGS system.”

This year’s Gala was historic in the amount of donations received from the community and funds raised for the hospital. Although over $50,000 was raised in dance votes alone, the grand total raised for the HUGS system at the 2017 Gala will be announced on Sierra View’s social media in coming weeks. With this improved security system in place in Porterville, mothers can rest easy knowing their children are safe and cared for at Sierra View Medical Center.

“Tonight was an outpouring of community support and I know the HUGS system will take our infant security to a new level. I love that we are ensuring the safety of our smallest patients and giving local moms and families a real sense of protection during the happiest time of their lives,” said Hefner.