We. Will. Never. Forget. 9/11 Remembered


Today marks a monumental day in our modern history of these United States of America.  Today, nineteen years ago, most of us awoke on the west coast to the devastating attack on the United States in New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.  All coordinated attacks used airliners to create maximum chaos and destruction in short order.  It was the 40-souls on board Flight 93 that would prevent an attack on the Capitol in Washington, D.C., by overtaking the hijacker terrorists.  Their efforts would mean the crash and loss of all of their lives to prevent the concerted attack on the Capitol Building. There were nearly 3,000 people killed on this day, 19-years ago.  We give our sincere gratitude with utmost bravery to those who tried to rescue those in parrel, and we honor those that were killed at the hands of the terrorists.  

The human spirit although broken from 9/11, has resilience and has risen over the years each time when there has been calamity and chaos.  Today, with the national Covid pandemic, we again as Americans find ourselves being asked to give. In the case of our SVMC family, you are on the front-lines providing direct care or you may be supporting those providing care to the patients and residents within our health district.

Each of us has a key role to heal and support the community as we focus on three key initiatives:

  • Frequent handwashing
  • Face coverings AND appropriate personal protective equipment when providing direct patient care
  • Physical distancing of 6-feet or more whenever possible

You are all deeply appreciated in your focus and resolve to take care of our community.  Your resiliency and ability to stay healthy and safe is our paramount concern.  If you are needing help or support, reach out to your supervisor.  We first must take care of each other, so we can care for others.  

We honor this day by remembering:  We. Will. Never. Forget.

Dr. Hudson-Covolo

VP Patient Care Services & Chief Nurse Executive