SVMC's CEO, Donna Hefner, Welcomes the New Year

In my 30 years at Sierra View Medical Center (SVMC), the level of complex challenges our health care district has faced in this everlasting COVID-19 pandemic is unimaginable. I could have never understood the depth of gratitude I would feel, working with such talented and caring teams who embrace their commitment to our patients and each other. Looking back at past years through this lens, I see something more clearly than ever before: The very best practice of medicine requires both the head and the heart.

In a historic year, the teams at SVMC have all managed to adapt and innovate how services are provided while maintaining the highest quality of care and protecting staff and our frontline. This work continues and will continue as we turn a significant corner in this pandemic. 2021 will bring its challenges and its opportunities. The vaccine, its availability and uptake will be very important for us in the new year, as will our community’s support to keep limiting the spread of COVID-19.

While the vaccine offers hope that a return to some sense of normalcy is on the horizon, Sierra View and the nation still face hard times as we continue to see a surge both in the number of COVID patients and people requiring inpatient care. We must hold on to the hope that the end may finally be in sight while continuing to practice the public health guidelines that have been in place since spring 2019: Wear a mask, wash your hands, watch your distance and avoid gatherings.

If there’s one thing the current times have shown me, it’s that I have the opportunity to work with people who are in health care for all the right reasons. None of the recognition, innovation and exceptional care our organization is known for would be possible without the individuals and great teams across SVMC. The appreciation and encouragement our patients and community continue to show us make working in health care all that much more rewarding.

As we begin this new year, I want to express my appreciation and admiration for all that the teams at SVMC, and the greater health care community, accomplished in 2020. I also want to thank local businesses and community members for doing your part as well. We are truly united in purpose, committed to our mission and each other, and together we will overcome the challenges of the days ahead. May the new year bring health and happiness in all our lives.


Donna Hefner
President and CEO