Celebrating SVMC Social Workers

“Team Compassion” is how this group of SVMC Social Workers is described by the Clinical Manager of Care Continuum within the Community Wellness Center. 

“This is the hardest working, most patient and dedicated team I’ve ever worked with,” said Devon Barlow-Merritt, SVMC Clinical Manager of Care Continuum. “They are just fabulous human beings. It takes a good human being to be a good social worker and to give patients a better experience."

The SVMC Social Workers provide services to patients with conditions spanning the entire health care continuum. Social workers are the ones who are in communication with the patient’s whole care team here at the hospital and the families and patients themselves. They give emotional support and provide emotional and social aspects of a patient’s illness. They also provide the coordination for discharge; whether it be a discharge plan or discharge challenges or assistance.

The pandemic has made their normal way of work which is face-to-face human conversations very challenging, but they have stepped up to the task. The pandemic has allowed "Team Compassion" to rely on each other a little more and think outside of the box. They converted their whole program into a telehealth type of process where they speak with their patients and families over the phone, which in many cases has proven to have many benefits. We’re proud of our social workers for making an immediate, positive impact in the life of an individual or family at SVMC and we’re celebrating them and all they do! #SocialWorkMonth #SocialWorkIsEssential