Secured Environment Message

One of SVMC’s most important efforts is to ensure the safety of all persons on-site at SVMC. A key component for helping to ensure a secured environment for staff, patients and visitors is to focus on access points into our buildings. Due to a recent evaluation of a security breach at our main facility, we felt it was important to send this reminder of SVMC’s visitation protocols and security clearance measures for anyone presenting to enter SVMC.

Please read below for further information about the role that the organization's Security and our front Reception Staff, and all SVMC staff play in screening visitors during regular business hours and after business hours.

Screening Protocol at the Main Entrance

Anyone entering the hospital through the main entrance will be welcomed at the front reception desk and screened as follows:

  • If the person is a patient:
    The Front Reception Staff will verify the purpose of their visit and they will be directed to the appropriate patient care location.
  • If the person(s) presenting are here to visit a patient:
    Front Reception Staff will verify the name of the patient and the visitors will be either escorted or directed to the appropriate patient care unit.
  • If the person presenting is a food vendor delivering food for staff members:
    They will be directed to leave the food on the table in the Main Lobby. The Front Receptionist will call the appropriate department and let them know the food is in the lobby. Security Staff will not be delivering food to the units unless the food is for a patient. Our Security Staff are stationed at the front desk to help manage the visitor protocols as part of the Secured Environment policies. Taking them away from their post to deliver food orders places an unfair burden on them and also pulls away from resources up front where Security is needed to monitor individuals coming into SVMC.
  • If the person presents stating they have an appointment within SVMC:
    Visitors who are allowed to enter into the facility to meet with SVMC employees should have a business necessity for coming on-site. Some examples would include (interview with HR, appointment with Hospital Administration, equipment representatives, drug rep’s, requests to visit with current employee, etc.). The front Reception Staff, along with support of Security will ask the visitor to wait while they call to verify the appointment and let the person expecting the visitor know they are waiting for them in the front lobby. If the department is not able to send a person to the front lobby, then the visitor will be escorted by security to their destination within SVMC.
  • All visitors:
    Regardless of business purpose at SVMC, will be screened for Covid-19 at the Front Reception and ED.

When the Hospital's Main Entrance is Locked After-Hours

After 9 p.m., the ED Entrance then becomes the main access location. Security Staff will conduct the same type of screening of ALL individuals who enter by asking specific questions for their business purpose at SVMC.

It is also important to note that all employees, both current and previously employed, are required to go through the visitation screening process when they are not clocked-in and on duty.