Meet the SVMC Respiratory Superhero’s

Meet the SVMC Respiratory Department! As the key clinicians responsible for delivering hands on care to those with asthma, COPD, and other chronic and acute respiratory conditions, this team of respiratory professionals work closely with physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals to ensure patients receive safe and effective care.

Ask any of the team members about the culture in their department and they will respond - we're like a family within the workplace. Jennifer Regalado, SVMC Respiratory Manager explains that the willingness to help one another, is next to none and the support within the department, especially during the pandemic has been unbelievable.

Becky Johnson, RCP, mentioned that most of the team members have been with Sierra View for the majority of their career, which says a lot about this team! On top of having a long-standing with the organization, that fact that they are a small but mighty team, allows them to make connections on a personal level with each other - These connections and support have a ripple effect on the top level care they give to their patients.

This team loves what you do, and are cheerleaders for each other in advancing within their roles and reaching goals. Many Respiratory Therapists and Respiratory Care Practitioners have grown as individual employees and have been able to gain excellent skills along the way.