Reflecting on Sepsis Awareness Month

Sierra View Medical takes pride in commemorating Sepsis Awareness Month, a crucial initiative to educate the community about sepsis. Sepsis is a serious medical emergency that can affect anyone, regardless of age or health status. Recognizing the signs and acting quickly is important, as early recognition and treatment can save lives.

Laura Soares, SVMC Stroke & Sepsis Program Coordinator, highlights the hospital's dedication to community health. “SVMC has come together to bring a robust sepsis program to the Porterville community. Our program has a commitment to quality by meeting regulations and national standards, as evidenced by continuing to monthly outperform our like-sized California peers.”

Partnering with Valley Children’s Healthcare

As part of our dedication to sepsis education, SVMC had the privilege of hosting an educational dinner in partnership with Valley Children's Healthcare. This event focused on maternal sepsis, a life-threatening condition that can occur during pregnancy, childbirth, post-abortion, or the postpartum period. Dr. Hernandez and Dr. Hole of Valley Children's Healthcare shared their knowledge and experience, shedding light on improving the diagnosis and treatment of maternal sepsis. Together, they emphasized the alarming fact that 63% of maternal deaths from sepsis could have been prevented.

The event marked a significant step forward in SVMC's ongoing commitment to enhancing maternal healthcare and patient safety. SVMC recognizes the importance of proactive measures in preventing sepsis-related complications and maternal deaths.

When it comes to sepsis, remember it’s about TIME

The acronym TIME serves as a critical reminder to the community about sepsis signs and symptoms:

  • Temperature: Keep an eye out for fever or abnormally low body temperature.
  • Infection: Watch for signs of infection, including wounds, cuts, or recent surgeries.
  • Mental Decline: Note any mental changes, including confusion or extreme sleepiness.
  • Extreme Illness: If you or a loved one suddenly feels extremely ill, don't hesitate to seek medical help.

SVMC encourages everyone to prioritize their health and the health of their loved ones by being aware of the signs of sepsis and acting promptly. Early recognition and prompt action can save lives. If you suspect sepsis, seek immediate medical attention.

Sierra View Medical Center remains committed to providing high-quality healthcare services to the Porterville community and looks forward to continued collaboration with healthcare partners to enhance community health.