Breastfeeding Resource Center

The Breastfeeding Resource Center at Sierra View Medical Center was established to help parents prepare for their baby’s growth and development. The Breastfeeding Resouce Center offers several services to support mothers during pregnancy and throughout their breastfeeding journey. Our staff is pleased to offer the community free breastfeeding resources and encourages mothers to take advantage of the knowledge our team has to offer, privately and in group settings.

As a proud partner of First 5 Tulare County, the SVMC Breastfeeding Resource Center supports the mental and physical health of children. Sierra View Medical Center is designated as the only Baby-Friendly hospital in Tulare County by implementing the First 5 California Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding interaction and duration.

Breastfeeding Outpatient Services

If you would like additional assistance with breastfeeding after you leave the hospital, you can make an appointment to visit privately with a Lactation Consultant at the Breastfeeding Resource Center. A Lactation Consultant can assist you with:

  • Breastfeeding questions or concerns
  • Breast/nipple pain
  • Latching difficulties
  • Low milk supply
  • Medication safety
  • Pumping and going back to work
  • Sick or hospitalized babies
  • Slow weight gain

Visiting the BreastFeeding Resource Center

  1. Make an Appointment: Call the Breastfeeding Resource Center to make an appointment at (559)791-3701. Note: Only mother and baby are allowed at this time.

  2. Upon Arrival: Call (559) 791-3701 from your car. The Lactation Secretary will meet you at the west side door facing the parking lot. A health screening will occur, and you will be given a green sticker. Masks are required.

  3. What to Expect After Screening: Walk up the side stairwell and the Lactation Consultant will greet you at the door. You will be registered, and the Lactation Consultant will perform a breastfeeding exam.

Questions? Contact the Breastfeeding Resource Center by calling (559)791-3701 or by text at (559) 560-6128.

Breastfeeding Resource Center Location Details

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