SVMC Recognized for Top Performing Antimicrobial Stewardship Program

Sierra View Medical Center’s (SVMC) Antimicrobial Stewardship Program is now a member of the California Department of Public Health Antimicrobial Stewardship Honor Roll designated with a GOLD status. This designation remains for two years and has been obtained by keeping the organization accountable for antimicrobial stewardship and improving outcomes.

“I’m proud of everyone at Sierra View who helped develop a strong antimicrobial stewardship program that can serve as a model for others within the healthcare industry,” says SVMC VP and CNO, Dr. Jeffery Hudson, DNP. “This achievement proves that there has been ongoing and consistent dedication and collaboration with strong leadership and oversight by our organization’s pharmacy leadership team.”

The goals of the ASP Honor Roll are to promote optimal use of antimicrobials, prevent emergence of antimicrobial resistance and C. difficile infections, and to showcase California healthcare facility ASP that organizations such as SVMC has not only followed national guidelines, but also demonstrates outcomes and engage their local healthcare community. The ASP Honor Roll updates and expands the program’s “Spotlight on ASP” project and reflects substantial progress with ASP implementation and the increasingly recognized need for ASP across the healthcare continuum.

“I’m honored that our Antibiotic Stewardship Program has successfully been approved for GOLD designation by CDPH,” says Bryan Brassfield, SVMC Pharmacy Manager. “This designation remains for two years and is based off of our work over the last few years on improving outcomes through the program. I am pleased with the Sierra View Pharmacy Department’s performance and sheer team work throughout the rigorous review process that takes place in order to receive the designation.”

Phases of Application Process

  • Phase One - entailed reviewing each application for missing documentation and evaluating each program’s core elements.
  • Phase Two - consisted of reviewing the outcomes portion of the application for those applying for Silver or Gold status, and the community engagement portion for those applying for Gold. For the review of the outcomes portion, external blinded reviewers along with CDPH internal reviewers were engaged in the process. The external reviewers consisted of antimicrobial stewardship experts representing different facility types: community, academia, major teaching, and community with special populations. They reviewed each outcomes section similarly to how one would review a scientific abstract looking for effective interventions and clinically meaningful outcomes.
  • Phase Three - each applicant’s program was reviewed in its entirety, evaluating each program’s quality and impact.

As the 2021 year is coming to an end, SVMC is excited to have received the good news on the achievement of officially being a member of the California Department of Public Health Antimicrobial Stewardship Honor Roll designated with the highest status. As an organization, accomplishments such as this, strengthen the dedication in providing the best possible medical care for our community. To learn more about this achievement and other Healthcare-Associated Infections Programs, visit the CDPH website,