Distinct Part Skilled Nursing Facility (DPSNF)

Compassionate Medical Care in Porterville

A 35-bed facility located within Sierra View Medical Center's main hospital building, our Distinct Part Skilled Nursing Facility (DP/SNF) offers comprehensive inpatient care to patients who require treatment outside of our specialized, acute care services. While a DP/SNF is not heavily dependent on high-technology monitoring or complex diagnostic procedures, these patients typically require long-term inpatient medical care.

Our DP/SNF staff is composed of an interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, and other professionals, who are each trained and knowledgeable in the assessment and management of the specific conditions of these patients.

What is DP/SNF Care?

Generally more intensive than traditional nursing care and less intensive than acute care, DP/SNF care requires frequent and recurring patient assessment and review. Sierra View Medical Center's Distinct Part Skilled Nursing professionals provide clinical reviews and comprehensive treatment plans for a limited time period until the patient's condition is stabilized or a predetermined treatment course is completed.

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