Foundation Board

The SV Foundation Board of Trustees is comprised of 17 volunteers who are dedicated to ensuring a bright future for their local hospital. Each Board Member serves on at least one committee:

  • Events
  • Board Development
  • Investments
  • ByLaws & Policies
  • Strategic Planning

The Foundation Board meets once a month and its subcommittees meet on an "as needed" basis.

The 2021 Sierra View Foundation


Foundation Chair: Janice Castle

Vice Chair: Tara Everett

Treasurer: Marty Lalanne

Secretary: Michael Gutierrez


  • Dennis Townsend
  • Debbie Landers
  • Jackie Witzel
  • Kathleen Remillard
  • Rose Jones
  • Karen Johns
  • Dr. Jaisi Sidhu
  • Daryl Walters
  • Brandi Holmes
  • Larry Wilkinson
  • Dave Nenna


  • Kimberley Pryor-DeShazo: Director, Marketing and Public Relations
  • Valeria Reyes-Chavez: Marketing and Events Specialist
  • Malynda Parsons: Public Relations Specialist
  • Alida Verduzco Silva: Graphic Designer