Friends of Nursing

series of 3 nursing images: left: nurse standing in scrubs; middle: 7 nurses standing will awards of excellence; right: two nurses smiling and talking to a third person out of the shot

Friends of Nursing (FON) at Sierra View Medical Center is a nonprofit 501c(3) program that helps recruit and retain talented nurses through scholarships and advanced professional education support. FON was established in 2006 by the Sierra View Foundation to incite interest in the nursing profession as our state endured a severe nursing shortage. Since its inception in 2006, FON has raised over $100,000 through fundraisers, employee giving campaigns, and the Save Mart Supermarkets SHARES program.

FON promotes the nursing profession through the efforts of its members, donors, and volunteers. Funds for scholarship awards, patient education, educational speakers, seminars, nursing activities, hospital equipment, and national award displays are raised through events and the generosity of donors.

Your donation would immensely help provide scholarships to nursing students and add excellence in the field, bettering the care of patients at Sierra View Medical Center.

Donate by visiting the Donations Page, emailing, or calling (559) 791-3922

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